Natural Stone

Why Choose Natural Stone?

It is regarded as one of the best building materials because it manages to combine grandeur, stability and character. It is almost impossible to copy the massive range of patterns, textures and colors in natural stone and as it comes from earth, it is an environmentally friendly choice. Below, we look at 5 reasons why you should choose natural stone when you contact AZ Rock Pros:

Variety: As it is such a diverse material, there are almost endless design possibilities and uses for natural stone. The way it is formed in the earth is almost impossible to duplicate in a mold or in a lab. There are few designs that can’t be achieved with natural stone inside or outside the home.
Durability: No other building material exhibits the same level of durability as natural stone. There are buildings from thousands of years ago that still stand proudly today. Natural stone doesn’t just last a lifetime, it leaves a legacy.
Green Building: Stone possesses a low level of embodied energy, is easily available because it occurs naturally in the earth and doesn’t give off gases or other kinds of pollution. Add in its durability and low maintenance and you have one of the greenest building materials on the planet.
Unique: We can create one-of-a-kind projects using natural stone that separates your home from everyone else’s. Ask us to bring the magic of natural stone to your property and we will create something no one else will ever have.
Value: Although natural stone is not one of the cheapest materials, its longevity, durability and beauty make it more than worth the cost. With new automated machinery that can cut stone more efficiently and effectively than ever before, natural stone is more affordable than ever.
Natural Stone

There are few things more beautiful either on the interior or exterior of the home than natural stone décor. It reflects the beauty of the earth and it is becoming an extremely popular way of adding value and class to a property. See our gallery below for some samples of how this stone can accentuate almost any living space.

What Natural Stone Choices Do I Have?

There are typically 5 different types of natural stone:


If you were to choose natural stone tiles you are likely to have the following choices of finish:

Honed: Where the surface has been ground so it is now smooth.
Riven: When the stone has been split by hand; the result is irregular faces on the files.
Polished: When the stone has had a layer of gloss added.

Some Of Our Recent Natural Stone Projects

Ready For Natural Stone?

Natural stone is very low maintenance so once we have completed the project, you can admire its beauty without having to worry about constant sealing and cleaning. Natural stone has the ability to brighten up even the dullest of settings and can produce the most unique environments in the home.

If you want natural stone to provide you with a lifetime of aesthetic pleasure, contact us on 623-866-5537 and tell us what you need.

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