Cantera Stone

What is Cantera Stone and where does it come from?

Cantera is a Spanish word which means ‘quarry’. It is a sedimentary stone that has been formed from volcanic ash which settled in silt beds over thousands of years and was compressed during the process. It is typically found in various regions of Southern Mexico, Cantera stone has been one of the most popular choices for decorative works of art for years and now is your opportunity to bring its magic into your home.

Perfect For Arizona!

Cantera stone is porous and it breathes by absorbing air and humidity yet this doesn’t result in the stone expanding or contracting in varying weather conditions. This and its beauty make it the ideal material for decorating homes in the sometimes extreme Arizona climate. It is perfect for swimming pool patios because it remains cool no matter how hot the weather.

The Advantages of Cantera Stone

Cantera Stone has a number of advantages which make it a great choice for home decoration:

Weather Resistant: Great news for Arizona residents. Cantera stone stands up well to either cold or hot temperature, and is not affected by our long summers.
Durability: When properly maintained, Cantera stone can last for many years without ever losing its luster.
Rustic Appeal: Whether it is indoors or outside, Cantera stone adds a unique natural look which is aesthetically pleasing.
Malleability: It is easy to cut, carve and shape so you have limitless choice when it comes to design.
Versatility: Not only is it suitable for indoor or outdoor use, Cantera stone can serve an incredible number of purposes.

Some Of Our Recent Cantera Stone Design Projects

Thinking About Cantera Stone For Your Home?

At AZ Rock Pros, we are experienced at creating custom design solutions with this beautiful stone, and installing it correctly which can be especially important when installing a Cantera Stone piece. If you have any questions regarding a Cantera Stone design idea you have, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will turn your vision into a realty for you and your family to appreciate for generations.

If you want to learn more about Cantera Stone, contact us at (623) 866-5537.

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