The Attributes of Stone

Stone is elegant, timeless and natural which is why so many homeowners in Arizona are keen to decorate their home using this durable material. Stone is also desirable in warm climates because it is cool to the touch and tends to lower a home’s temperature. Unlike rugs or carpets, it doesn’t trap dust or allergens which means choosing stone for your property is a simple decision.

At AZ Rock Pros, we are keen to provide customers with beautiful stone that results in gorgeous personalized designs so we offer the following types of stone:

Cantera Stone: This sedimentary rock comes all the way from Southern Mexico and is an ideal material for the warm Arizona climate. It stays cool even in extreme heat and is one of the most popular choices for swimming pool decks. You can rely on Cantera stone to stay beautiful for decades and provide a touch of elegance to your home.
Manufactured Stone: This is less expensive than natural stone. It is actually made using real stone chippings which are compressed together and we use manufactured stone that looks like the real thing. If you want the classical stone look on a budget, this is the material for you.
Natural Stone: This is the aficionado’s choice as its elegance and mystique combine to create memorable projects. It is a ‘green’ building material as it comes from the earth and has an almost limitless number of functions.

Some Of Our Stone Design Projects

Thinking About Customized Stone Design For Your Home?

Ultimately, you can rely on stone to give your property a memorable makeover. Whether you want to spruce up your pool deck, driveway or kitchen floor, we have the expertise, materials and desire to help contribute to your dream home.

If you want to learn more about customized stone designs that will enhance your home, contact us at (623) 866-5537.

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