Travertine Pavers

What Is Travertine?

It’s a natural stone just like limestone, onyx, marble and granite. However, it has a completely different formation process to marble or limestone which means it has very different characteristics. One of the unique things about travertine rock is the holes found within the stone which are a product of carbon dioxide evasion.

If you really want to impress your neighbors, tell them that your travertine pavers are made from a material specially imported into the United States. At AZ Rock Pros, we are proud to use materials found in the USA, but travertine is found in Turkey which makes it an exotic raw material!

We only use the highest available grade of rock in our travertine pavers which can be signified by the relative lack of holes inside. While it is an awesome feature in many ways, too many holes obviously impacts the strength and quality of the stone.

The Versatility of Travertine

An increasing number of customers seek travertine pavers from us because of the rock’s immense versatility. Take a look at the different ways it can be used:

Patios: Travertine pavers transform your patio into an elegant and sophisticated looking area where guests can congregate.
Walkways: Make the entrance to your home look like an exotic and scenic location.
Driveways: Who wouldn’t want to pull into a uniquely colored and designed driveway that boasts such exquisite material?
Pool Deck: The only thing better than having a pool is having a pool deck decorated with stunning travertine pavers.
Balconies: If you are fortunate enough to have a balcony in your property, travertine pavers will add a personalized look to the design.

Why Choose Travertine Pavers?

Durability: Did you know that the world famous Coliseum in Rome is almost entirely made out of travertine? It is a timeless stone that retains its color even when exposed to extreme elements and it stands the test of time.
Choice: Travertine pavers come in dozens of different designs and patterns including rattan, basket weave, fish and mosaic. There are also a host of different colors to choose from including beige, gold, red, yellow and ivory. We use our expertise to help you pick a personalized travertine paver masterpiece.
Low Maintenance: Once our team of experts have installed your travertine pavers, it is really easy to maintain the stone. Occasional cleaning will keep it looking great and you can spend the rest of the time showing off your new design to friends and family!

Some Of Our Recent Travertine Pavers Projects

Why choose AZ Rock Pros?

If you are looking to add a little Turkish Delight to your property with travertine pavers, contact us on 623-866-5537. We will work with you to determine the best location for your travertine pavers and when we’re done, you won’t believe the impact it has on the exterior of your home.

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