An Overview of Our Selection of Pavers

If you’re looking for smooth, durable and aesthetically pleasing pathways, driveways or patios, our range of pavers is exactly what you need to make your home beautiful. At AZ Rock Pros, we take pride in producing exceptional work for our clients using premium materials every single time.

Tell us what you need and we’ll deliver it with precision. Don’t know what you want? That’s okay! Our team of experts can advise you. For example, Mediterranean-style homes will look great with multicolored brick pavers whereas homeowners with a storybook garden might be better served choosing irregular cobblestones.

Pavers come in all manner of shapes, sizes and materials and at AZ Rock Pros; we offer a number of options.

Concrete Pavers: These pavers are made from a combination of aggregate and cement which is poured into forms and compressed before being air cured. These interlocking pavers create a distinct patterned surface which can be used immediately. You can remove and reinstall concrete pavers at your leisure so if you have a big BBQ planned, take out those concrete pavers and impress your friends and family.
Travertine Pavers: We use travertine imported from Turkey and this unique material can provide a splendid walkway or patio surface. In the state of Arizona, the sun relentlessly beating down on any surface will normally render it impossible to walk on. With Travertine pavers however, you can walk comfortably because they stay cool on your feet and have a non-slip finish. Like a fine wine, Travertine improves with age and our pavers will retain their color for decades. As a side note, always look for Travertine material with as few holes as possible as this is an indication of high quality.
Flagstone Pavers: Our flagstone pavers are the #1 choice of many professional contractors, architects, builders and stonemasons because they provide a stunning end product. While flagstone pavers can be expensive, they ultimately provide value for money as they are slip and acid-resistant, easily maintained and durable. When we use flagstone pavers for our clients, the end result is an eye-catching design that makes the property stand out.
Limestone Pavers: Limestone is a material that is synonymous with history as many great buildings and structures were created using this legendary type of rock. As we use locally quarried limestone, simple processing can lead to fantastic shapes and cuts which make this material ideal for customized projects. We find that many property owners love the homely and earthly feel provided by limestone pavers which is why it is a material that enjoys enduring popularity.

Some Of Our Paver Design Projects

Thinking About Getting Pavers for Your Home?

At AZ Rock Pros, we are experienced at creating custom design solutions with this beautiful stone, and installing it correctly which can be especially important when installing a Cantera Stone piece. If you have any questions regarding a Cantera Stone design idea you have, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will turn your vision into a realty for you and your family to appreciate for generations.

If you want to learn more about Cantera Stone, contact us at (623) 866-5537.

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