Outdoor Lighting

Benefits Of Outdoor Lighting

When spending time with friends and family, you need to illuminate your landscape areas and outdoor lighting gives you greater freedom to enjoy Arizona’s fantastic climate. Here are just some of the benefits of adding outdoor lighting to your property:

Safety: Outdoor lighting allows people to navigate all areas of your garden safely with zone lighting an effective way to light a pool area, garden, deck or outdoor seating area.
Security: A well-lit yard often discourages theft and trespassing as passers-by believe the property is a secure and well-maintained one. Lights with motion detectors are a great way to keep thieves at bay because once the light shines on them, they will quickly scurry away.
Standard of Living: Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy your garden after dark which means you are no longer restricted by the setting sun. As Arizona has such stunning weather, it would be a shame to miss out due to a lack of lighting.
Décor: Decorative lighting helps you highlight and showcase specific areas of your garden. For example, landscape lighting can display planting areas or flower gardens. Why not add beautiful accents to your exterior areas by adding low-voltage exterior lights to trees and shrubs?
Types Of Outdoor Lights

We have a fantastic range of outdoor lighting to transform any garden:

Wall Lights: Light up dark passages or give visitors the warmest of welcomes.
Spotlights: Accentuate the best features of your garden or add a touch of drama to the outside of your property.
Security Lighting: Keep intruders at bay with constant light or motion activated lighting.
Solar Lighting: Harness the power of the sun with solar lighting which stores the sun’s energy during the day and switches on at night.
Patio Lighting: Create an extra entertainment room just outside your home and enjoy a relaxing evening as the sun goes down.
Top Tips

At AZ Rock Pros, we not only provide you with high quality outdoor lighting, our team of experts have also come up with a few useful hints to get the best from your purchase:

1- Fix deck lights into your deck floor and posts for a focused light in the garden. Take care when placing these lights in order to avoid glare.
2- If you choose a floodlight, pick one with wide beams and fit it a minimum of 2 meters off the ground for best results.
3- If you want to place the focus on a favored garden feature, choose a spotlight! It also has the effect of ensuring the areas you’re not proud of will be safely hidden away in the background.
4- You can create amazing reflections by placing lighting near water.

Outdoor Lighting

There is something about outdoor lighting that adds an extra touch of class and allure to a home. You can extend those long hot Arizona evenings into the night by adding some extra lighting outside your home. If you choose the correct outdoor lighting, you could actually add space to your home by transforming your garden into an extra room!

If you want outdoor lighting to add some magic to your home, contact us on 623-866-5537 to find out more about what we have to offer.

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