Beautiful and Practical.

As well as looking absolutely stunning, here are a few more reasons to choose flagstone to decorate your property:

Superiority: It is superior to concrete for sidewalks because it allows rain water infiltration instead of run-off.
Versatility: Flagstone is more versatile than other forms of rock; as it is acid-resistant, flagstone can be laid on top of soil without any problem. As a result, you don’t need aggregates or concrete so flagstone should be your first choice whether you are looking for interior or exterior decoration.
Resilience: Once flagstone pavers are correctly treated, they will be less likely to deteriorate than other types of rock as they can withstand inconsistent and extreme climates.
Safe: Flagstone is also a safe choice because it is not slippery when wet. This makes it a natural choice for pool deck decoration or if you have young children.
Introducing Flagstone!

Flagstone is one of the most beautiful types of stone to decorate your home with. It can be used on the interior or exterior of your home and is a popular choice for homeowners. Flagstone is actually a generic term for any sedimentary rock that can be split or cut into layers. It varies in terms of appearance, color and the amount of silica, sandstone, bluestone and other materials which are all types of flagstone.

What are Some Other Benefits to Flagstone?

Flagstone landscaping adds durability, beauty and value to any yard or home. Landscape designers know that flagstone is versatile enough for use in patios, driveways, fences – even on rooftops and walls. The flat-cut stone is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who want the unique lines, textures and edges that can be achieved with flagstone landscaping.

Patios: Flagstone is perfect for those areas of high traffic because it holds up well and is easy to care for. Because of its wide range of colors and natural origin, flagstone blends well with its surrounding environment and is ideal for many landscaping designs.
Landscaping Design: Flagstone provides a wide range of design options and is known for creating attractive outside spaces for entertaining, or just a family hangout. Its colors don’t fade and when installed properly, will last lifetimes with no or little maintenance.
Value: Flagstone offers a high return on investment to your home in terms of cost of materials and installation, and the value it adds to your house. Whether it is a walkway, a patio, or a complete back or front yard design, Flagstone makes for a perfect choice to add value and beauty to your home.

Flagstone Design Ideas

Why choose AZ Rock Pros to lead your Flagstone project?

At AZ Rock Pros, we are seasoned when it comes to working with flagstone so we know exactly what to tell customers. While it leads to stunning designs, it does need to be protected from the Arizona elements because it is a layered natural rock. Without proper care, flagstone could deteriorate in quality if left untreated against the sun’s UV rays and morning dew for example. A protective sealant is necessary after installation to ensure longevity and beauty. The thickness is important. We advise one to one and a half thick pieces verses just half inch.

Trust your Flagstone project to AZ Rock Pros and get it done right the first time. Your Flagstone should last well into the future, and retain its beauty for the lifetime of your home.

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