Affordable Financing Options Available!

No Interest if Paid in Full/Regular Payments

0% for 12 months.

Special Rate/Equal Payments

0% for 36 months.

Special Rate/Custom Payments

Special Rate of 9.90% APR.

Terms and Definitions:

Discount Rate: This is the fee charged to you for regular or special terms; it will be deducted from the amount funded to you. We may change this discount structure in any at any time by advising you in advance in writing.

Regular Rate (variable): For newly opened accounts, the APR is 27.99% (as of the Effective Date shown above). The APR is based on the Prime Rate and is subject to change quarterly. The Prime Rate we use is the U.S. Prime Rate published in the Money rates section of The Wall Street Journal on the first business day of the month preceding the month of the quarterly rate change date, If more than one U.S. Prime Rate is published, we will use the average of the Prime Rates. The rate change date for each quarter is the first day of the first Billing Cycle beginning on or after January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.

Regular Payments: This means all balances with Regular Payment terms are combined to figure the payment for the balances, which will be the greater of: (1) $35.00 (or the sum of the balances if it is less than $35.00); or (2) 3.5% of the Combined Balance; or (3) the sum of interest charges for balances with Regular Payment terms, fees assessed during the current Billing Cycle, and 1% of the Combined Balance.

Special Rate: This means the APR shown on the customer’s Invoice or Sales Slip will be used to figure interest on the purchase balance.

Custom Payments: This means the payment is a set dollar amount or a fraction or percent of the highest balance of this type on any statement closing date. The payment will not change unless, on a future statement closing date, the balance increases above the highest statement balance.

Equal Payments: This means the payment is the amount required to pay the initial purchase balance shown on the customer’s statement in full during the special terms period. Because of rounding, the final payment could be less than other payments.

No Interest if Paid in Full: This means we calculate interest on the purchase balance, This amount is called the deferred interest charge. The deferred interest charge will not be added to the customer may avoid interest on the balance by paying it in full before the end of the special terms period. Paying the Minimum Payment Due each month will not pay the purchase balance in full by the end of the special terms period.

No Interest: This means there is no interest charge on the purchase balance until the end of the special terms period. The customer may avoid interest o the balance by paying it in full before the end of the special terms period.

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Contact us at (623) 866-5537 and speak with one of our financing representatives who will be able to answer any questions you might have. We look forward to assisting you.

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